Our mission is to make billions of products interactive.

We are helping businesses grow revenues by making their physical products interactive, creating unique customer experiences, and fighting counterfeit through supply chain transparency.

Latest technology stack.

Truligent software is built on top of the most recent and advanced technology stack, including support for cloud deployments, blockchain and machine learning.

Scalable infrastructure.

The platform is built with scalability in mind, allowing to store billions of records and simultaneously respond to millions of request  from across the globe.

Experienced team.

A team of experienced software developers and business leaders ensures smooth integration and seamless transformation of supply chain.

Connectig Products

Thanks to the internet and smartphones, the way people engage with products and brands is different than it was 10 years ago. Modern consumers are empowered with information – in-store, at home, and everywhere else.


Truligent builds software that all modern businesses can use to make their physical products smarter, –  to both build strong relationships with customers, and modernise internal supply chains.


Companies around the globe use Truligent today to create Digital Product Identities for millions of physical products, to uncover new marketing opportunities and enhance internal processes.

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