Make every product intelligent and connected

Software that allows manufacturers and marketeers seamlessly
create digital identities for physical products. Create delightful
experiences for your customers, grow revenue,
and improve supply chain transparency.
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Truligent's tools help businesses sell more

Here's how creating digital identities for your physical products can help you drive sales:

Tell a story

use automatically generated professional websites for every product to deliver content to you customers in a single scan.

Drive Engagement

Skip intermediaries by engaging with customers directly to collect feedback, incentivise repeat behaviour, and more.

Build Trust

Earn customer's trust by showcasing product's journey, from ingredient to home.

Empower with Information

Share more information with customers: your company's story, product's origin and its environmental impact.

Control supply chain

Transform supply chain by allowing anyone to scan the product to learn about its properties, origin and destination.

Access analytics and reporting

Discover real-time, accurate insights about your products, your customers and your supply chain.