Make physical products intelligent

Software that allows businesses to create and manage digital identities for physical products. Use Truligent to unlock new marketing opportunities and make your supply chain smarter.

Welcome to the era of connected things.

Truligent offers full stack software for marketers and manufacturers to manage digital identities for any product. From creating a digital record of each unit, to generating a familiar QR code, to tracking it through supply chain, – we help businesses make their products smart.

Product Cloud

Everything you need to create an online record for each of your products & SKUs, at scale. Create unit-level web pages, manage your SKUs, generate GS1 labels, and build customer engagement – everything in a single, ready-to-use platform.


  • Customisable product websites
  • Showcase product history
  • Automated reporting (incl. GS1)
  • Interactive customer engagement

Supply Chain Cloud

Everything you need to create an online record for each of your products & SKUs, at scale.


  • Warehouse Management
  • Shipping Reports
  • Customs Reports


Easily create and customize QR codes, Datamatrix, PDF 417 + many others. Design and print labels.


  • Dynamic QR Codes
  • Bulk Export
  • Scan Analytics


Put your products on blockchain. Allow customer to verify source and prevent counterfeit.


  • Blockchain ID
  • Secure Tags
  • API Access

A web page for each item – in seconds.

Use Truligent applications to establish a permanent web address for each individual item. Allow your customers to learn more about your products, connect with the brand, and verify product’s origin.

Tell a story.

Create ongoing relationships with your customers through mobile application. Understand where and when your product is activated, and maintain constant contact via messaging tools.

A traceable supply chain.

Allow your customers and staff to verify the origin of the product, and shop with confidence without the fear of buying a counterfeit product. Gift the confidence of buying the genuine item.

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We help businesses connect with their customers
through digital activations of physical products.