We build software companies.

About Us

Truligent builds and acquires market-leading, profitable software businesses globally. Our mission is to build, manage and acquire market-leading software companies that develop highly innovative products.

We are focusing on building non-trivial software products and defining the next generation of technology solutions. We are not interested in simple, 'done-before' businesses - instead, we focus on technologies with transformational power - such as Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and new communication channels.

We aggregate our businesses from two segments: (i) Intelligent Enterprise, which includes practical applications of Artificial Intelligence, supply chain digitisation solutions and future of work applications; and (ii) Intelligent Being, a limited number of consumer businesses in our portfolio that leverage the latest advances in technology to transform people's lives.

Our company was founded in 2020, and we have already assembled a portfolio of eight businesses with three more in development. We are looking to rapidly scale our operations and achieve a critical mass that will allow us to fund future venture development from operating revenues.

Our portfolio will have a global presence, but the epicentre of our business will remain in two core geographies - New York, USA and London, UK.

Executive Team

Dmitry Aksenov

Co-Founder and CEO.

Previously, Dmitry founded DigitalGenius - a market leading AI company.
Recognised in Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Sofia Fominova

Co-Founder and President.

She is a serial entrepreneur in technology and wellness industries. Recognised as one of most influential business women of 2020.